Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back to status quo

Another day, another dollar. Another chance to live in squalor. Sorry--I was born sarcastic.

This work-week will be a short one, since I had both Monday and Tuesday off for my inscrutable purposes. The Fourth of July parade is a thing of the past, and was such an abysmally shameless panorama of propaganda that if Idaho Falls is really a self-respecting town it should consider cracking down on that aspect. Too bad I live on the parade route, and if I'm at home I will have to deal with the rampant degradation every year.

In other news, the basement finishing is slowly going forward, though the chaos remains. Good thing no one lives there now (our temporary renter having flown the coop in mid-June). I'm keeping up with the weeds and watering to some degree. The rainy spell appears to have past, and the smothering heat of a standard southeast Idaho July to have settled in, good and hard. I'll have to start getting up earlier to accomplish my home improvement/yardwork projects.

More later.

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  1. Hey there, big brother!

    I just had a chance to pop by~haven't quite finished "Crabface" yet, but we'll work on it!